MugsarSumerian Sponsorship Specials

Stop for a moment and ponder, try to comprehend it, your not paying for a sponsorship period of 5 years or 100 years or 1,000 years - it is for as long as there is Civilization Time - in 5,000 years (dare to think much further out) some advanced being could be zipping around the universe in a spaceship eerily like 12217 browsing a sign they particularly like sponsored by you and then going to your family's MIBR entry, and feeling an immense sense of connection and appreciation to you across time.

Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Main Sponsor
If you have $1,000,000 to spare, you can use it to set up the Mugsar Foundation.
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor QuickFinder Sponsor
If you have $200,000 to spare, you can use it to set up the Mugsar Worldwide Headquarters in your hometown.
Along with the inaugural annual international MugsarFest.
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Sign Offer 12217 LUGAL king
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Sign Offer 12000 water
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Sign Offer 12306 TUG garment
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Sign Offer 121A5 KIN work
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Pixel Offer cover S

You know plain and simple, it's not just after you're gone, nobody knows you ever existed, it starts way before.
It ain't getting less competitive out there.
As a parent, what's something special that you can put on your kid's application to a top university?
Parents' Occupation: "Nothing Special"
Family's Altruistic Activities: "Nothing Special"
Kid graduates one day from an average college with millions of others, what's something special to put on the resume?
Kid's Internships: "Nothing Special"
If I was a parent, my eyes would be lighting up on that empty starting MIBR list.
How would it look to have our family in the first 10, for all time, to boot.
A couple of grand to sponsor a sign, shoot, what have I got to lose ...what if this sucker takes off some day?

At any moment, you could be watching Jimmy Fallon, and the new game is
"Who can find the Mugsar sign the fastest?"


Or some rich eccentric might be smitten about stirring up the Establishment, and puts $50,000,000 straight into advertising for just one line on a screen:

$50,000,000 world advertising campaign MIBR

The family name will probably appear as a mouse hover over low value signs to avoid cluttering up the dictionary and distracting from the awe of the Sumerian achievements.
See the Immortalizer page for how things will work until we get enough funding to be more sophisticated.
Note: Offer values are subject to change at any time based on demand and desperation to get things going. They could drop, or if a big benefactor comes in to relieve the pressure, dramatically increase.
Check back soon for more Housewarming Specials.
If there is a particular MugsarSumerian sign you would like to sponsor make an offer by email to or post an offer on Twitter @MugsarSumerian #MugsarSponsor [unicode] [$offer]

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