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MugsarFest - Fundraising Specialists Franchise

Empower Centrelink jobseekers by getting involved in Mugsarfest Fundraising Specialists Franchises - working in an established team or starting their own.

In the modern world we can expect to be in and out of paid employment, becoming increasingly difficult with job discrimination on age. And just getting worse for the next generations.
The MugsarFest alleviates this dilemma.

Already Established in Academia
The MugarFest revolves around the internationally acclaimed epochal Mugsar Sumerian Cuneiform Dictionary, the only nifty standalone one in the world that allows every student in every school on the planet to easily know Sumerian – top international ranking at
And visitors are from all over the planet (122 countries).

Since the Sumerians were the founders of western civilization and modern business they are immortal. Thus knowing Sumerian cuneiform and how they wrote on clay tablets 5000 years ago will always be relevant. In turn the epochal MugsarFest and all connected with it have a shot immortality.
Immortality is a particular attraction to rich sponsors.


Participation could start as a part-time volunteer, later leading to a source of income from a paid position or new sponsors finders commission. Hours are flexible - it’s basically about setting up an annual MugsarFest fundraiser.
It could be in the same town every year or you might do the same for other towns - even in a different country, especially struggling economies.

As it assists people and economies who are struggling and generally furthers one’s education and resume the MugsarFest is innately altruistic.

Offspring Transferability
You contribution now could benefit your offspring in getting involved if they experience unemployment in the future. Because they will be be able to reference back to you having the prestige of being one of the early supporters. Accumulating prestige for each additional generation.

Provides a Prestigious Verifiable a Reference
For adding to resumes for other jobs.

- A jobseeker becomes an official patron of the Mugar by sponsoring part of it (e.g. pixels in a graphic) for say a minimum of $1
- The jobseeker partners with a school or not-for-profit to organize their annual MugsarFest Fundraiser.
- The partner duly becomes an official Mugsar patron as above.
- This leads to the first revenue source - 20% Sponsor/New Patron Finders Commission
As franchise grows revenue comes back to parent / HQ when patron sponsor signs / sections of the Mugsar.
As this revenue grows paid HQ marketing and admin positions can be created.

The MugsarFest will provide an avenue for networking - finding a team to join or candidates for starting a new franchise.
In the early stages we will probably use social media platforms like Twitter:
@MugsarSumerian #MugsarFest

NEIS or Natural Progression
If NEIS doesn’t work out, the Mugsar is like a genie that can’t be put back in the bottle.
Already in the process of setting up (using much cheaper U.S. based shared server $3.99 a month gig, though no formal business has been started).

Get in early
With any successful enterprise it’s the people who get in early that get the most benefit for themselves and with the MugsarFest for offspring.
Once we find one school/NFP partner and have a successful MugsarFest - that becomes a reference for finding the next one - eventually the prospective partner will come to us.

Tagline: What kind of a student is a student who does not know Sumerian?

Market Potential:
To be the defacto standard for every student in every school around the world to know Sumerian.

To spell out the importance - every student should know, not just who invented wrting 5,000 years ago, but who founded education - the first schools. And how they did it - how they wrote on clay tablets. Indeed the etymology of the operative word itself, is Sumerian, not Latin or Greek who clearly plagiarized heavily from the Sumerians. There would be no Western Civilization if it were not kick-started by the Sumerians.
Their achievements have been suppressed by the Establishment. Partly because nobody knew they existed until 150 years ago. But by then the encumbents/impostors were firmly established - the education elites tow the line to guarantee their lifetime incomes - the top university fraternities all have Greek names, like Kappa Sigma. The cross-cultural global reach of the Mugsar will force these luddites out to pasture. The new generation of educators will be dragged on board by user-driven dynamics.

Much like American soldiers forced them to start re-evaluating The Great Gatsby - How WWII Saved The Great Gatsby From Obscurity / Moldering Flop To Great American Novel. It was not totally chance, as F Scott Fitzgerald had clearly laid out his strategy years before, "My whole theory of writing I can sum up in one sentence: An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterward." That' the Mugsar's underlying strategy, too.

Sponsor Immortality
Firstly, a clearly altrusitic endeavour like this can attract benefactors / sponsors.
Normally, it would be a straight donations. But with Mugsar they can get something in return, something very hard to find anywhere else - a shot at immortality.
The case is made by a comparison to Apple iPhone here.


Rich people for whom everything is clicking are especially interested in being directed to any place offering a even the slightest chance of immortality. Particularly for billionaires frustrated with the pace of biotech advances, the next best thing is the Mugsar.
"Probably the most extreme form of inequality is between people who are alive and people who are dead." Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal - The One Percent Is Trying to Buy Their Immortality / Tech Titans Latest Project Defy Death
“Death makes me very angry,” admits Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation and the fifth-richest person in the world (his net worth is $43 billion)... Ellison's foundation gives out more than $40 million a year... Ellison sees death as “just another kind of corporate opponent he can outfox.”
'Under cofounder Sergey Brin’s aegis, Google funds the Singularity University to solve “humanity’s grand challenges” (including aging and death). They hired futurist Ray Kurzweil, "humans will merge with computers over the next few decades to become immortal superbeings."' - The Immortality Financiers: The Billionaires Who Want to Live Forever
Once, two-thirds of scientific and medical research was funded by federal government...Now, two-thirds is funded by private industry, a growing share by billionaires impatient with the pace of innovation - Billionaires Scramble For Immortality (Literally)

Mugsar site analytics clearly show that worldwide, the main patron by far, is the U.S. - California (SF-LA) and the NorthEast (Boston-New York-Washington DC) - many are from highly affluent zip codes - see analytics examples.

So anyone can get a shot at immortality by sponsoring a part of the Mugsar - from the main sponsor in the top banner, to sections, signs and parts of graphics - see Immortalizer pitch.

Finder’s Commissions
This brings us to the first most practical and tangible and here and now reason to be a patron of the Mugsar.
There would be a 20% Finder’s Commission if the new MIB (Mugsar Immortal Benefactor) is found by an existing MIB.
An existing MIB who comes on board by sponsoring something for $10 finds a new MIB who sponsors a sign for $1,000 gets a $200 commission.

How MugsarFests might work
Sales/auctions of signs; workshops – like how to write on clay; prizes for best clay tablet works, including replicas of famous Sumerian clay tablets, like the Gilgamesh Epic.
There would be 2 levels of MugsarFests:
1. MugsarFest International– a big annual event held to rival top film festivals hosted by the worldwide headquarters. At any time a university / town, anywhere in the world, could see the economic and prestige advantages of becoming the official Mugsar home.
2. MugsarFest Fundraisers Local – meaning at any school, town, charity, not-for-profit. In areas of unemployment these could be setup to provide job experience or volunteer work.
Like a free franchise, no registration or permission required, anybody can just go ahead and do it.

Low Fixed and Variable Costs
With the Mugsar it's really all digital comapred to a physical product like the iPhone. That's also more conducive to preservation and increasing the shot at immortality for benefactors, whereas the iPhone will be made obsolete by technology advances.
To start setting up, the new site has been put on a shared server hosting deal based in the U.S. which is much cheaper at only $4.90 a month. Although it does mean slow loading for a dictionary packed into a single page. So first thing when we make some money is get our own server.
The site is still really under construction, especially in terms of adding e-commerce features.
No business had been registered.

References and Enhancing Resumes
And for the next generation coming through in an increasingly highly competitive world a Mugsar internship is something special to put on applications to top universities - we already get lots of visitors from Harvard

Harvard MugsarSumerian Visitors

Promotion Strategy
A kind of 'Ju-jitsu' - turining the antagonist's strength into an advantage. Since few know about the rightful standing of the Sumerians in history that makes knowing Sumerian a novelty and cool. Manifested in advertising themes as "How to really impress someone" glancing over to see the Mugsar on your screen and not a gameapp.

(See also mugsar animated.gif or Google images)


Partnering with ISPs / Agencies
Now the first step is to see how things go with the NEIS application through Mission Providence.
If the MugsarSumerian can be developed in way that it works anywhere around the country then may be they will also see the advantages of backing us.
Otherwise, maybe there are similar organizations that will.
If the NEIS type approach is just not going work out, then it's push ahead with the Business Model and try to attract Venture Capital.
Mugsar site analytics do show that from time to time Menlo Park is checking in to see how things are progressing.

Project Home Invitation
Is an option for some university / town looking for affordable ways to enhance their international standing. Much more cost effective than the usual large expenditure necessary for spurious advertising.


And having more than one inter-related project sharing the same stable means that one of the others could stumble onto funding. Like for the Billjim movie script generated by interest in the WWI Anzac Centenary; or for a TV series about the production of Shakespeare's First Folio by his daughter Susan de Vere for the 400th anniversary.

So the MugsarSumerian business model is like the Billjim LightHorse in the Arabian desert, lightweight, nifty, flexible; and uniquely unlimited in terms of global market reach and product life immortality.

Peter Hogan Tara Hogan cuneiform dubsar


Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder
PO Box 1 Potts Point NSW 1335 (Sydney) Australia

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