Benefactors-Customized Mugsar Collector's Edition

Mugsar Benefactors-Sponsors Immortalizer

One day you will be gone.
Nobody will know you ever existed.
Why be forgotten?
If you could find a genuine shot at immortality,
how much would you pay?

Through buying the Mugsar Collector's Edition - Amazon Kindle (Release Date: Solstice 21 June 12017CT) - you will be supporting the development of the Mugsar and helping to get the Sumerians back to their rightful position on education curriculums ahead of the Establishment's dictated hierarchy of courses, essentially "groups that plagiarized the Sumerians".
In return, not only do you get the altruistic satisfaction of seeing Mugsar gaining ground in Amazon and Google rankings, you also get, for all time, a free listing on the Mugsar Immortal Benefactors Register (MIBR).

Also you can buy your Customized Mugsar Collector's Edition direct from Mugsar Founder, Peter Hogan.
Simply email Pete at with your preferences for the inscription - as we're talking about Sumerian, let's call it the "Virtual Tablet In-scribe" - personal Thank You.


In providing this additional support for the Mugsar's development you can choose to be a Platinum, Gold, or Silver benefactor. Remember this will be your shot at immortality, something your descendants will be impressed with for time immemorial.

1. Platinum Mugsar Benefactor - over $10,000 - you get your Customized Mugsar Collector's Edition - which will include Pete's inscription to you and your family + graphic (which could be a shot together - the ideal one would be together with Hogans Bluff Byron Bay in the background during your visit to Australia) + video uploaded to the Mugsar's Youtube Channel. And you will get sponsorship of a high value prestigious sign.
All linked and verifiable on the Mugsar Immortal Benefactors Register with additional confirmation on external media with posting ID on Twitter.

2. Gold Mugsar Benefactor - $1000 = Platinum above without the video. And you will get sponsorship of a low value sign.

3. Silver Mugsar Benefacor - $100 = Platinum above without the video or graphic. And you will get sponsorship of pixels on a Mugsar graphic, like the cover letter 'S'.


F. Scott Fitzgerald died broke. But he ended up immortalizing all the supporters who had faith in The Great Gatsby like Max Perkins.

Immortalize yourself, your family, your school, your business, your community by sponsoring the entire Mugsar, sections, like the nifty QuickFinder index, or individual signs, like the very first on the alpha-numeric unicode system 12000 12000 A vowel water A vowel, water, or the Big Daddy, by far the most prestigious to sponsor 12217 12217 LUGAL King in a spaceship man LUGAL king ["The King of the Earthlings rides around in a spacehip man!].
Mugsar Immortal Benefactor Sign Offer 12217 LUGAL king

We are still developing the e-commerce part of the site. For now you can use PayPal (which also gives you the option to just use credit card). See Sponsorship Specials.
And as mentioned in the Supporters section, every startup dreams of a succesful IPO and cashing in stock options, especially a genuine epochal atruistic one that can give Menlo Park - Silicon Valley - Venture Capitalists something very rare in exchange, Immortality.
The idea is, every sponsorship dollar now would convert to stock options later. So not only do you get longterm benefit, immortality, but also a bonus in the shortterm. How long? Dare we entertain an IPO within 10 years. Historically, looking back, which would have deserved an IPO more in the 121st century, Facebook or Mugsar?
And one day there will be an enough funding for the Mugsar Foundation. That will make it possible to set up a proper Mugsar Immortal Benefactors Register (MIBR).
For now though, it will have to be send Pete an email and we'll work something out.
(Have tried crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo but they're all full of BS, especially if you don't already have lots of connections.)
Contributions will be few and far between, on the plus side though it means it can be more personal. So we can toss around what you might like as an extra in return for sponsorship. Particularly, how it might look decades in the future to grandchildren, and beyond, that you supported the Mugsar in the fledgling stages and email proof of communication with Peter Hogan the Mugsar's Founder. For something more public there could be a message on social media like Twitter where each tweet has an official ID number. Even a handwritten note of thanks. Or a reference for your kid's application to Harvard down the track.
Of course it would also be recorded and highlighted on our website. But Pete is over 60 now (sure there is Tara b. 12002CT coming along and a lot more photogenic for promotion) we need to get the Mugsar on a solid footing.
In the meantime, it feels a lot like Scott Fitzgerald in the last years. But then there was somebody's granddaughter decades later who had the personal note inscribed in a 1st edition of Gatsby...
So you have to think like Max Perkins as late as '1940 when royalties from it were $13
Does the Mugsar give sponsors a genuine shot at immortality?

Or a more simple way to look at it, "What else can give you immortality?"


Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder
PO Box 1 Potts Point NSW 1335 (Sydney) Australia

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What kind of a student is a student who does not know Sumerian?

mugsar partner


Princeton didn't want Fitzgerald's works when he died in '1940
- nobody thought The Great Gatsby had what it takes to be immortal.

Where they belong: The aquisitiion of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers
Matthew J Bruccoli - Princeton Library Chronicle vol 1 No 1 1988 pdf



Fitzgerald inscription

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