Benefactors-Customized Mugsar Collector's Edition

Mugsar Finder's Commission 80% !!!

If you find a new Mugsar patron interested in being listed on the Mugsar Immortal Benefactors Register (MIBR) and sponsoring a sign or section - see the Immortalizer - you get a whopping 80% Finder's Commission.

First you have to be an existing MIB - for as little as $10 you could sponsor some pixels of a graphic on the Mugsar. You find a prospective benefactor, email us and negotiate the price of a sign or section they will sponsor. Say it's for a less common sign for $100. When all is set we make our first email to the new MIB (all emails 'cc' between the 3 parties so each knows what's going on during the process) they confirm you introduced them, and pay the $100 for their MIBR listing and sign sponsprship, then you get your $80.


Peter Hogan
Mugsar Founder

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